The Script

6 performers and only 1 solo

What would happen if a director gives the same solo to six different performers? And demands them on the same night, at the same time, on the scene? How strictly follows each performer the directions in the script? Will they give each other a place in the spotlight? Will they become selfish-performers or will they serve each other?


In the script, there’s no main cast or supporting cast. There’s only one role and six performers simultaneously bring their own interpretation of the same solo. There’s a group on the stage and yet there is no direct contact. The performers do their thing separately. They are bound by the script.

But casual encounters and the need for interaction with their fellow-performers put their loyalty to the script to the test.

The script reveals how the interpretation of the solo may differ. The show focuses on the frustration of 'living alongside each other’. The feeling that you, even though you're part of a group, you can’t escape an existential loneliness.


(Cultureel Persbureau)


'Briljant, at times hilarious and in the end seriously depressing. As it ought to be.'

'Liesbeth Gritter, founder of Kassys, came up with a very simple idea. She wrote down a basic script for a solo, to be performed by one actor.

Without any text, with only descriptions of actions, within the timeframe of 75 minutes. That script is subsequently performed by six actors. Simultaneously on the same stage, but as if by themselves, without their colleagues. The result is rather mind-boggling.'

'I have seldom experienced such a search for the gravity behind the humor. That commands respect for the daring choices of Liesbeth Gritter.'


Tekst and direction: Liesbeth Gritter

Advice: Peter Vandenbempt

Assistent direction: Willemijn Zevenhuijzen and Vincent Brons

Performers: Thijs Bloothoofd, Milan Boele van Hensbroek, Ayrton Fraenk, Harm van Geel, Esther Snelder and Peter Vandenbempt.

Production, publicity and sale: ProductieCollectief / Markell Helmann

Business management: Mark Walraven

Technique: Ilona Brink

Het Script is a theater performance of Kassys in coproduction with the Brussels Theater company Tristero.

Sponsored by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, AFK en Prins Bernhard Cultuur fund.