The worst scenario for actors

The worst scenario is becoming reality for the actors in Mousse. Despite all the good preparations something goes wrong at the beginning of the performance. The cast-iron law of cause and effect springs into action: the technique fails, important props get lost and the performers forget their text. Every attempt to correct the mistakes fails and every solution leads to the next problem. Driven by embarrassment, panic and nerves, the performers try to save what can be saved. After all they are professionals. 

Unfortunately it takes so much work to limit the lose face effect, that they don’t manage to perform anymore.


‘From an artistic point of view, the performance Mousse by Kassys was a hit. Never before at this festival (Oerol) did we see such a brilliant, abstract-surrealistic version of omni-present madness.’ (NRC, June 2001)

‘Kassys speciality is alienation. That's fun, a laugh, but they take it to extremes, so not only the exhausted players don't know which way to turn, but the audience too shift in their seats with embarrassment.’ (NRC, June 2001)

‘Mousse is a fast performance with true-to-life-situations, edited to get an absurd twist.’ (Utrechts Nieuwsblad, July 2001) ‘A gem.’ (Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, August 2001) ‘Performance artists' biggest nightmare. It's a treat to see how the four people on the floor are trying to solve their problems. Such joy! Forget Murphy's law. But merriment is not the only goal. The show has an unexpected depth, and in a way it brings up the falseness of theatre.’ (Parool, September 2001)

Concept, direction and performance: Liesbeth Gritter and Mette van der Sijs Performance: Christiaan Montanus and Bob Stoop Technique and performance: Klaas Paradies

Mousse is sponsored by the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and the VSBfonds.