a live roadmovie

Horizon is about the yawning abyss between longing and reality. About wanting to get away. About thinking somewhere else it’s better. About searching for more. More space, more content, more adventure, more emotion, more romance, more meaning.

In HORIZON we follow a group of people who aren’t satisfied about ‘here and now’. They decide to flee into a fantasy and therefore they create on the spot an alter ego, send them out of the theater and into the wide world.

The alter egos land in a road movie in which adventure and a feeling of freedom are strongly present. Unexpected chances of course and choices who pop up during the voyage are being adjusted and solved live by the group, all to make sure the fantasy voyage will be smooth and flawless.

Unfortunately trite obstacles will make the voyage more and more complicated and tiresome. The intended romance of a search for ‘more’ slowly disappears to make room for everyday reality. In the meanwhile the alter egos start looking suspiciously like their devisers.

'Lethargy is being elevated to art, with hilarious moments.' (Haarlems Dagblad, March 2010)

‘It’s the small unexpected events who have a main role, brought with great grandeur. Horizon fascinates with just small matters, they get the time and space to be seen. The beauty of the ordinary.’  (Toneel.blog.nl, March 2010)

‘The conversations about nothing are an enlargement of the conversations you hear daily and therefore are painfully funny.’ (Deadline, March 2010)

Actors: Lukas Dijkema, Ton Heijligers, René van ’t Hof en Esther Snelder

Concept & directing: Liesbeth Gritter

Coordination & artistic assistance: Mette van der Sijs

technique & camera: Klaas Paradies

Advice: Sanne van Rijn

Production manager: Dieuwertje van Woudenberg

Graphic design: Esther de Boer

Publicity: Bureau Tamtam, Lonneke van Eden

Co-operation with: Rob van de Werdt, Thijs Bloothoofd, Gertjan van de Geer, Joop van Brakel, Eugene Heuvel, and Aukje Koelstra.