Actor's Cut

a interactive movie

In ACTOR’S CUT the audience is guest at the festive premiere of the newest feature film of Kassys; LOVE. 

The entire cast is present, the champagne is cold and a short press conference is held about the realization of the film. Nice anecdotes of the shoots are being shared with the audience.

Then the film LOVE starts.

During the viewing strange things happen on the film screen;

the cast discovers the ability to manipulate their characters in the film. The film listens to their comments and correct itself on the spot based on their directions.

All the actors see their chances to grab a leading role and to show off the emotional range of their acting abilities. 

This a unique chance to take out and manifest long cherished ambitions and mutual grudges on the film screen.

The film becomes a live event in which the characters in the film behave as unpredictable as their interpreter on stage.

Actors appear out of the blue in each others scenes, a jeweler is being robed by two actors, the leading man is being shot by accident, pregnancies are coming and going, guns are suddenly at their disposal, soapy melodrama is being alternated with action. The tangle of conspiracy theories are growing with the minute.

The original love film changes into a interactive power play, in which vanity and self-interest battle for priority.

To the end the manipulation is out of control, to such an extent that the actors let go at each other live.


'Just because everybody stays extremely serious the jokes are effective.' (NRC Handelsblad, October 2005)

'However the scenes which are spun out too long are funny, like the weeping scene in which an actrice pulls out all the stops in every possible way to grief her dead husband. Or the moment in which an actrice delays for minutes the action with an impossible explanation about logics.' (De Standaard, October 2005)

'Actor’s Cut is a funny comedy, a so called ‘feel good’ in theater land. And lends itself perfectly for a relaxed and joyful evening.' (Theater Theatraal, October 2005)

'An original concept, in any case the combination between film and theater is revolutionary.' (Ik hou van, October 2005)

'All very obligatory and with that the atmosphere is well-chosen.' (Leeuwarder Courant, November 2005)

'The urge to a directing supervision has made Kassys accentuated to develop a show in which it is after all possible to influence a story, a plot. That leads to an interesting way of experiencing fiction which you could call three dimensional. An interesting theme and done by Kassys in a refreshing way.' (Friesch Dagblad, November 2005)


Actors: Joop van Brakel, Lukas Dijkema, Ton Heijligers, Klaas Paradies, 

Esther Snelder and Willemijn Zevenhuijzen

Director: Liesbeth Gritter 

Coordination and assistant director: Mette van der Sijs

Technique and actor: Klaas Paradies

Production: Janneke den Engelsen

Actor's Cut is a Kassys-production in co production with Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Gent, Belgium.

Actor's Cut is funded by the ministry of OC&W (culture), het Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten and Het VSB Fonds.